Promoting Your Website? Learn About The Free Platforms

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Promoting your website is an overwhelming and expensive task at the same time. Also, the risk of a failed investment is continuously involved due to lack of proper knowledge about the kind of audience on the website. You want one category of audience to from that website to visit your website, and there are certain audience that you’d want to avoid. There are numerous option when we talk about promoting the website using various On-Page, Off-page techniques, and social media marketing. Some people don’t even hesitate opting for paid link building, only if they are sure about the lucrative benefits.


Promoting the website is available in two domains, the free one’s and the paid ones. More or less, people are likely to leverage the free options. The saddening part is that we haven’t yet discovered the potential platforms availing lucrative benefits for free.


Here, in this blog we will discuss and throw some light on multiple platforms where promotion is free.      


Free platforms for Business Website: For organization which deals in any kind of service or product can leverage the potential of these platforms to gain traffic. These platforms are:

  • Google my business: Official Google business assistant for business. This is one more free service for webmasters by Google, now all you have to do is use your official email account and sign up with Google my business. After providing all the details, you have to verify your authority on the website and business that you’ve listed.
  • Bing Places: This is similar to Google my business, Bing’s own adaption of business listing. The verification process is same, sign in, provide details, and verify your authority.
  • Yellow pages
  • Merchant circle
  • Submit Express
  • eLocal


Free Platforms to promote on Social Media: Social media is user content generated platforms. Social media domain has multiple options to offer. Let’s take a look at what are they and how can leverage their offerings.

  • Facebook: Facebook, with its enormous popularity has converted into the top choice for most of the marketers. Nowadays, even before someone launches their website to the audience, they start a Facebook page beforehand.
  • Google Plus: Marketers often underrate the potential of Google Plus and it’s varied communities. If utilized properly, Google Plus can be very effective in generating traffic.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn has emerged as the largest network for professional connection and a platform to promote yourself and your business. You can also write content on LinkedIn pulse, the blogging platform and increase your followers.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is “the one of the largest platform” for commercial users. Anyone can start an account and start displaying product pictures. Believe it or not, the speed with which it gained popularity was unpredictable.    
  • Twitter: One thing I personally love about twitter is you can easily power your voice if you got the guts. You can question anyone, you can answer anyone, promote anything, buy anything, and so much more.  
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