4 SEO Predictions For Webmaster To Deliberately Follow In 2017

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We are in currently in the year 2017, this means a new beginning to all aspects of our life, including our business. A new year demands a new approach especially for webmasters trying to promote their websites to bring themselves on top of Google results.



Moreover, it goes without saying that there are unknown competitors for every business practicing the same techniques to get the attention and grab some business opportunities. Hence, it’s time you put some effort and initiate a new trend with some new strategies or work smartly on the key strategies. It’s not necessary that the strategies that gained you a fortune in 2016 will do the same.


So, here are some steps that will add the value to your SEO strategies even in 2017.   

  1. Shift to HTTPS:
    Security has been a major concern in the past for all websites. User information and other important data that is to be kept secure is vulnerable to hackers who are always in search to steal this data. A secure user experience will be the key to better rankings on Google, and Google has officially announced that shifting to HTTPS from HTTP will enhance the ranking. HTTPS is similar to HTTP where the additional S means security. S is SSL certificate whose purpose is to encrypt your connection to a website so that no hacker could intercept your data.
  1. Length of article matters
    The right length of the article has always been a conundrum question while the answer is pretty simple. There are two arguments that always pop up when we talk about length- firstly the reader has very less time so they won’t read lengthy articles, YES, this statement is true but only in case of news.  The fact that Google always gives priority to well written lengthy articles that are around 2000 words can’t be overlooked. The solution is to provide as much relevant information in the lengthy article you can provide. Your user is here to get some information and they won’t mind reading the complete 2000 words if the value of information remains same from the start till the end.
  1. Social media will grow as a large lead source
    Social media platforms have grown into a tremendous source of lead for web marketers and people have realized the potential of social media as promotion platforms. The first and foremost advantage is that promoting on social media is free and the reach is huge. Almost everyone who can utilize your service is present on social media, on one or on the other. Also, there are unlimited number of platforms where you can promote your product and service. Moreover, Google ranks a web page depending on the no of backlinks and social media presence of the page.
  2. User experience will be an important aspect:
    Bad user experience has lead to the destruction of the top website in the past and also favored the rise of websites with better user UX. Hence, User experience (UX) will continue to dominate the SEO industry being the key player in all strategies. A better user experience means better search engine ranking.
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