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Social Media appears to be all the rage in the current marketing arena. Everyone, from your regular local laundromat to successful multinational companies seem more than eager to bite a big chunk off of it.

Social Media , although complex and sophisticated, is highly dynamic. Despite being a popular marketing choice for accomplishing Brand Value and Recognition, many companies, more than often, fail to sustain even a single successful term plan. The knack of competent utilization of Social Media lies in obtaining the foolproof mixture of ideas, resources and implementation; your ultimate social media mix.


Your plan is the man !

The vast probabilities of success offered by social media combined with the myriad of intermittent planning and unrealistic expectations could be your first misstep. Social Media has so much to offer  and you have so much to share; in between all this confusion, you might end up deviating from your prime objective.

A concrete plan with realistic expectations is the bedrock for sustaining a successful Social Media campaign. A strong Social Media Plan should not only direct your organization’s efforts the right way, but also speculate for any deviations ahead.

The  appropriate step for you could be listing down your goals and resources ( men, money and material) along with various combinations of Social Media mixes to choose from. Such form of comparison and analysis could help you build a better plan.

If your plan is your sapling, then your patience should be the water. Your productive attempts would definitely bear fruit, but, they might not be as early as you would expect. They key is to be patient and steady with your approach. Don’t lose hope if a fraction of your attempt fails, try to keep on the move.

Bring ’em on board!

Social Media marketing is all about building a thriving community online. No other media could provide such an interactive exposure to your target audience than this. This is your big chance. Read them your story, comment on their opinions, converse, engage, but never disconnect!

You could also engage your audience better by offering them your USP. You could start by telling them how you are one-of-its-kind out there!

Be a solution to their problems

Once you have grabbed your audience’s attention by advertising your exclusiveness, let them know how well you can solve their problems. You could start by encouraging conversation regarding your audience’s select psychographic attributes, for example, their opinions , hobbies, suggestions, ideas etc.,

This kind of communication would be beneficial for you in assessing your audience better. With such first hand information, your chances at delivering to them exactly what they want increases considerably. This kind of interaction also ensures effective word-of-mouth and successive online sharing of your brand.

Sunny side up! Always!

Your company’s social media profile is it’s  identity in the digital zone. Therefore, it is crucial to be careful regarding the kind of picture you wish to paint with it. A vibrant and pleasing design along with select carefully chosen words could be more influential in generating targeted website traffic than you would have thought.

You could keep enhancing and improving the features of your website to ensure consistent interest and engagement. Asking for suggestions and comments would also raise up your popularity meter. Your audience’s least concern would be your company management techniques and how it is to productively do so. Your audience should not be bombarded with everything under the sun, but only what they wish to hear about. If possible, be witty and fun while conversing with them.

A Friend in need is a friend indeed

Social Media opens up the possibility for you to connect across a wide and diverse audience. But, such kind of connections do not just spring out of the blue. It is advisable to keep your focus on targeting influential people so as to create a valuable network, that will help grow your brand’s online presence more constructively.

Slow and steady wins the race

And how true it is in this context! Social Media , despite it’s mass appeal and  high rates of success , works rather slow. Only a company with a consistent, dedicated and disciplined approach can reap the complete benefits of their Social Media Marketing strategy.

You could probably use this attribute of social media being comparatively more cost and time effective to your full advantage. In case, you feel uncomfortable using  a wide array of softwares available on line to monitor and enhance your campaign, you could start by sticking to what the native platform has to offer.

Keeping up such kind of consistency and appeal helps build trust with your audience, ultimately leading to the success of the brand.

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