The Vicious Cycle of Google Updates

In Google Update

Google is tiring me now!  Soon I may need to carry my laptop to my bath, expecting, there can be three major updates in those 15 minutes. Every day I wake up and there is a mail from my MD regarding a a new update. Is Google losing its sanity or what?

The Google Zoo of Horrors

Google Panda- Google Penguine- Google Panda- Google Panda- Google Penguine- Google bla bla-Google EMD — Google God knows what…. a real vicious circle. Either Google doesn’t want SEO practitioners to earn for his poor self and family or Google has lost direction clearly. Let the industry settle a bit, Dear King Google the Magnamonious.

A real data on the changes in last two weeks alone:

  • Google Panda 20 – 27th September 2012
  • The EMD Update – 28th September 2012
  • Google Penguin 3 – 5th October 2012

These changes are coming out so fast that it is difficult to handle the effects of all these. Let’s be frank, when 10 guys dedicatedly work on a site for a considerably long time, the site gets uplifted. As competitors are working on rival sites so, these 10 guys can’t relax but needs to constantly do the work to maintain the ranking.

One fine morning, you wake and see your site has gone missing for each keyword you optimised it for. You have no clue why! Soon you start to wonder if there has been an algo update.. (Oops sorry Google isn’t kind enough to tell you if there has been an update and if yes, what has been affected) .. By the time you pull yourself together, your client calls and burst your eardrums saying “ I want my site back at the top”. With almost no idea what has gone wrong, you start from A, B, C, D to Z. Sadly, by the time, you reach Z, Google has already pushed another update.

This can not go on. Google should either release a press release saying how they are willing to help the SEO practices to die or, should accumulate all the major changes into one a release it with a publicly accessible changelog. (my Linux user side reminds me of frequent Linux updates but then those come with a changelog so developers know what they need to pay attention to).

I took around 35 minutes to compose this article, and posting will take another 10 or so.. and I am not sure if Google has pushed a major/minor/tiny/nano update or not during these 45 minutes.

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