Google Updates Algorithm Again- Rolling Out Today

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Panda is coming again. Google has been generous this time by announcing it as not always Google does so.  We, at Search Eccentric, noticed the tweet from Google today about a new update, which claims to affect around 0.7% queries. That is a big number, given that Google receives many million queries everyday.

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Panda updates, which come out every now and then to accomplice Google’s goal of “to give people the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible.”.

People are already calling it v3.92 as with such a low impact on queries, it will be unfair to call it Panda 4.0. This will be the 20th Panda update, which started to come from Feb. 24, 2011. Different amounts of queries were affected in each update, from a huge 12% during Panda 1.0 to as low as this one. There are even updates where like Panda v3.2 where no visible change was noticed. For a complete list of Panda updates and related data, check here.

What is going to be the effect? We don’t know and don’t believe anyone who claims to know. Only Google knows and until there is an official Google blog coming out or countable differences are noticed and analysed. Our experts are not too sure either, “I can only guess that Google will be improving the spam recognition algorithm, but in which direction and what, I have no clue” says one of our experts. “Looks like the weekend is going to get spent on the PC” he adds jokingly.

We at Search Eccentric are not much worried for our own site or for our customers. As we have seen, with each update the bad gets punished and the good gets rewarded. We never adopted any black hat tactics in our SEO practices so we are expectant of getting rewarded by this update.

Stay tuned for a detail changelog, which we will be publishing in few days after our experts track down the changes.


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