Top 3 Approaches That Can Aid Small-Scale Businesses In SEO Race

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Google Search engine has transformed itself into a quintessential part of our daily lives and is not anymore just a fancy search engine on the internet. Online Marketing and PR is now in full swing as almost every company, small, mid, large scale has set up base here on the internet. And every company is fighting hard to establish a strong foothold in the top ranks of Search Engine Results Pages.
Although there are some market dominators who inevitably have the top ranks due to their millions of subscribers, customers and age old content increasing gradually on name and brand value such as Amazon, Home Depot, Flipkart; however their position is not guaranteed or monopolized in the world of web. Over here, there is always atleast one competitor for every brand or product and services available. The horizon of opportunities that the internet offers is boundless and thriving on those opportunities, any company, irrespective of its size or scale, has the potential to achieve Authority and assert themselves against their competitors and may even achieve a vertical growth if their strategy plans are in the right place.
This is possible because the search-engine optimization (SEO) is no more volume centric. It does not care about a company’s legacy, or if they hold the most inbound links. The SEO solely favors those sites which provide the most valuable and relevant content that the user has searched for. This opens up the floor for all companies to take advantage of this system and create valuable resources and relevant information for their target audience and who knows, they might outshine their rival giants.
Although there are many small and big tips that are worth sharing, I have shortlisted the best 3 approaches that can genuinely assist companies, especially the small-scale ones, to assert their dominance in the SEO race for the top spot.


1. Specific Target or Niche


Identify Your Niche (Source:

It is often believed that the more diverse your field of expertise the more hits you will have when users search for the specific keywords. However, it is more ideal to focus on singular areas of expertise or niches aids you in having more relevance and in turn generate more authority, thus guaranteeing higher position in SERPs.
If there are diverse fields of expertise and lots of hits coming up due to the common availability of the keywords, it often boils down to a low relevancy ratio and impacts negatively on your authority. Since Search Engine algorithms prefers authority and relevancy, it is crucial to improve these aspects of your page in order to out run your competitors.


2. Optimize within your Locality


Build reputation in locality (Source:

You don’t need to be an international or even a national company to have market dominance on line. What you need is a specific focus area as discussed in the previous point, and specialize in that area to an extent that you can excel within your local areas. There are various ways through which you can ascertain yourself in your neighborhood and nearby vicinity.
Get involved in the community and gain respect and value for your brand. No matter how far technology grows, people still prefer the warmth of human communication and feel good about Brands that host or participate in community events and festivals and maintain a go-to attitude.
Not only does it help your image but you can update about the events and festivals that your company was a part of on your webpage as well as social media pages that would eventually help in your SEO.
Posting quality material and content on your website. The more relevant content you post out there with the added edge of localized keywords, you’re sure to boost your braded image and publicity. Search Engine crawlers get fed through your quality and relevancy as well as the local populace know you are in the game.


3. Establish your authority via Content Publishing

Reputation and Authority are driven by quality content. (

Brand Name and Value isn’t built in a day. It takes regular updating of quality content and frequent posts regarding services, ads, deals, services, and other marketing strategies that make your brand unique.
This can be achieved by having a great Content Strategy. Without strategy, having the best resources is of no good. It is pertinent to plan out how many articles, blog posts, eBooks, videos or whatever you think works best for your PR, to publish every month. Have a quarterly plan and work as per the schedule.
The target of Internet Marketing is to generate a good Return on Investment. And that is only possible when more and more people are attracted, hooked and convinced by your product/services. The convincing and reputation part is achieved via these content strategies, and when it is done right, the results would simply astound you.



Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will your business rank number 1 in a day. But rest assured if you apply your resources in the best form of strategies, success is bound to happen. SERPs are open for whosoever has got the meat to take its position. You fight diligently; you wouldn’t need a ton of resources or investments. All you would need is a few reputable, quality content published and enhanced via perfect strategy and building reputation by delivering on your promises.





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