The Elusive Nature of a Great Content

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Content Marketing has become a buzzword ever since 2012. Well known Internet writers and bloggers shared the spotlight and after detailed analysis, it was established that a great piece of Content can be a genuine source of revenue generation.
Once the cat was out of the box, it didn’t take long to go viral as more and more businesses identified to this niche and started propelling content on the Internet. Many succeeded at the game, but even more failed. Despite the results what was at stake was that the novelty value of content was soon decimating and it was becoming harder to generate and sustain high rate of revenue for many businesses.
Ever since the Panda and Penguin updates started rolling in, in order to prevent and penalize Spam and irrelevant content, the search for that perfect content that could be converted to profit became more intense.
While many could figure out the art of writing a great piece of content, no one was able to figure out the perfect formula for it. Many SaaS agencies and market analysts specializing in Digital marketing and content marketing field laid down their research work to determine a definite pattern or structure or even a formula (if there is one) for the perfect content.


The more they researched, the more elusive it got. Various theories such as Content Marketing Power Law were derived after years of analysis and to some extent these metrics and studies channelized the essence of what constitutes a great content.

Constituents of a Great Content
1.Topics that generate user Interest
2.Content Presentation Style
3.Supporting Visuals interspersed with text

Content as a Science


When we look into a piece of content and start analyzing it as a field of study, we usually approach it from the usual catalysts that we had studied back in school. i.e. comparing its nature and scope with that of the field of Arts, Science or a hybrid.
It has been observed that online users don’t have any patience and have a tendency to skim through vast amount of contents and get only hooked to boldened words or attractive visuals and phrases that pique their interest level.
Further investigation also records that in depth analysis presented in pointers or short nugget forms usually attract a vast majority of users. Thus, in parts, it can be said that there is a partial scientific nature to the process of content creation as the components of the components of the piece are derived of data and facts that are constants.

Content as an Art



From another approach it has been deduced that mere presentation of data and annals of research work don’t generate any attention (Take a look at the scientist’s lab notes. I dare you).
Those data, facts & figures, analysis and studies need to be weaved in with a driven flair of words in order to make them appealing to the general audience. It takes a writer to tap into their creative side to find the golden casing within which they would frame their data in order to present and have it successfully converted to revenue.
Thus, we can conclude simply that Content creation isn’t purely a Science form nor an Art.

The Hybridization Genesis
A great content can be said to be a hybrid amalgamation of Scientific data and Artistic word weaving. Artistic and analytical minds inspire content that drives reasoning, action, and eventually revenue for an organizations. This has been excellently explained in one of the infographics at
Use of artistic components such as strong visuals and interesting language helps the writers tap into the emotions of their audience members. A content writer is successful if he/she is able to connect with his/her user through the medium of content.

Using data in a unique and creative way along with implementing intelligent promotional techniques to boost the content can really take a good piece of content to becoming the next big thing.
No one can stop you as long as you have a flair of words and a genius sitting inside you constantly procreating unique and interesting topics that draw users to your posts like moths drawn to a flame. The only thing is the moths won’t perish 9atleast i hope not) after reading your content.

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