Understanding keywords and customers

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The proverbial phrase that not all traffic is created equal is one to always, always keep in mind when it comes to designing, re-designing or updating your website, especially in today’s’ technologically run world. Some website traffic might help you mint moolah, while others turn up negligible mentions. This article aims at helping you figure out what your prime visitors require, a higher chance at their conversion from just visitors into customers, and methods finding more similar visitors

keywords and customers

Understanding Viewer’s Needs:

Understanding that a proper person sitting on the other side of the screen wants to accomplish a certain task is something not to be forgotten. Someone searching for ‘adopt kittens’ definitely wants to adopt a kitten, while someone typing in ‘parties in Ibiza’ sure as anything isn’t looking to mortgage their house (at least at that moment). So sift through your keywords carefully and find out the consumer intent attached to them. Almost all times, the person’s need is pretty clear.

Understanding Consumer Intent:

This is vital for converting a visitor into a consumer. People online search for a product or service for mainly two reasons; either they wish to be entertained at that moment, or they are looking to address a future or current problem. And if our aim is to improve sales, then we need to focus on the people looking to solve problems.

Identify Problem-Solving People and their Target Keywords:

People who type in words such as ‘buy’, ‘review’, ‘purchase’ etc are most definitely looking to spend money in the immediate future. So to make the entire process easier for these visitors, getting them to your sales page in the fewest possible steps is the key. You need to figure out where they’re coming from and look for keywords denoting similar intent.

You also should target people who are just researching a particular service, or product. They are a dispersed bunch. Your aim should to convert them into buyers. The keywords should lead this group of people to a particular web page that provides knowledge on what the problem(s) might be, and ways that your product helps resolve a problem.

A smart move is to offer researchers perhaps a promotional offer in exchange for their e-mail address (which is of value to you as you are always looking to expand your consumer & customer database) with email marketing company. The more you wow your audience, the more inclined they will be towards looking up their problems and how your problem can help them. Ka-ching!

And, never, ever brush consumer intent aside as rubbish. Nothing helps consumers convert faster than intimately understanding their requirements and adhering to their wants. Do research your keywords. Do away with ones you do not require. Educate yourself about what your potential buyers are looking for, and seal the deal with them.

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