Updated new Site, But Still No traffic?

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If you recall the first time you set up a website. You must remember contemplating on your domain name, and hosting the company you wanted to sign up with. You might have had to hire a web designer or just might have designed it yourself to get that satisfaction which you needed. If your first website then was just for leisure with no intention of drawing any traffic, then your needs were successfully met. But now, if you are looking for benefits and wanting to earn from your website or blog, I have got news for you.

Most people believe that if they build a website, visitors will just show up. If you can than better learn from my mistake, because I too unlike any other assumed that people were just going to flock on my website. But the hard truth is that, my website just sat there. Now what could I do more? My website looked nice, had a professional appearance and was well designed, but still had nothing going other than getting people to visit. Well…basically, my first website just sat on the World Wide Web abandoned by visitors.

I guess you want to know what happened to my first website, apart from what had already happened. Nothing! Besides sitting there and rotting away, actually nothing happened. Unfortunately when you are not trained or educated with search engine optimization, you have no clue as to how you get visitors to your website. So I started from the very beginning; abandoned my website, went back to the drawing board and from there started with my research on how to get visitors to my website.

During my research I was introduced to article marketing, acquiring manual or organic back links from other website, guest posts, commenting on blogs, similar to the subject matter of my current site. To be honest I was quite overwhelmed. I didn’t know what search engine optimization meant and had no clue about Back links.

So if you are starting a website or blog, creating and designing it, getting it all up and running on the internet is only half the battle won. Getting visitors to visit your web site is a different battle all together.

Therefore, do not lack on research when it comes to search engine optimization and how to draw traffic to your website, before you just decide to get a website online. It will definitely save you a lot of time, money and stress.

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