Why Google is Better than Yahoo and Bing?

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A number of clients expect their sites to top Google, Yahoo, and Bing alike. But technically speaking, focusing anything along Google is overall in vain. According to studies, Google gets you over 80% of total traffic than other strong search engines like Yahoo and Bing. It directly indicates the benefits of solely depending on Google for business objectives. You must ensure Google algorithm to master business objectives and possible odds that can drop your rankings.

Google prefers quality work over quantity. Any compromising work on Google will directly result in fall. In fact, recently updated Panda and Penguin algorithm affected sites most involved in poor SEO practices. A successful aspiration to fare well on Google requires smart application of trustworthy SEO practices.

I have compiled a list of features as to why should you consider more on Google than other existing search engines (Yahoo and Bing) by the help of Books on SEO and other reliable sources. Let’s read about them in detail.


Why Google is better Than Yahoo?

  • Yahoo is undoubtedly better than MSN but still nowhere good as Google to determine if a link is a natural citation or not.
  • Yahoo brags uncountable internal contents and other paid inclusion programs that easily help Yahoo to tamper search results to get favorable commercial results.
  • Yahoo supports cheesy off topic reciprocal links.


Why Google is better than Bing?

  • Bing can’t distinguish between a natural and artificial link.
  • Due to link analysis, Bing offers too much weight on page contents.
  • Bing is comprised of poor and irrelevant algorithms which results in unreliable commercial results.
  • Bing supports recent links.
  • Unreliable sites can rank good through MSN search than on other platforms.
  • MSN Search supports cheesy off topic reciprocal links.


Now finally Why Google is better than them all?

  • Google determines a true editorial citation or an artificial link better than other existing search engines.
  • Google supports natural link growth.
  • Google redirected biases to information resources.
  • Google acknowledges the importance of old sites and, thus, supports them.
  • Google supports pages on sites or sub domain to rank better without external citations.
  • Google brags the best content filters for duplicate contents.
  •  Google filters out document for a particular term.
  • Google examines crawling by both link quantity and quality. Poor links may result in poor performance of the website.
  • Cheesy Off Topic reciprocal links are ineffective
  • Cheesy off topic reciprocal links are generally ineffective in Google

With the aforementioned tips and features, it’s somewhat proven that Yahoo and Bing algorithms can drop your ranking on Google solely responsible to get you over 80% of overall traffic. There are not quality parameters set for quality resources. Bing however reflects appreciable rankings under the influence of Facebook which I believe is useless. Facebook uses Bing as a source of search. I am totally unconvinced with the concept of Yahoo and Bing using old techniques which is punishable too.


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