Penguin 2.0. Update Combats Spammy and low-quality backlinks

In Penguin 2.0

Google Penguin 2.0.

It is almost clear that very few days are left for penguin update. Head of Google’s webspam team “Matt Cuts” said that the Penguin 2.0 will be the most comprehensive than the previous update (Penguin 1.0) and will surely have the large effects on the search results. And also the Google is promising that it is going to be harder and harder by times.


Less time left anti-Penguin actions

Penguin update, only target the sites which were ranking well due to low-quality backlinks
Google Pengin Update
Analyze and clean-up your back link

The new version of penguin update is expected to use much more sophisticated techniques to spot the spammy links of any website. So the first initiative of the site owners is to find out the spam links  and get rid  of those links before the update, otherwise you will be nowhere in the battle field.

Some basic rules for how to find the low quality back links of your website

      1. The back links from the adult or bad neighbors
      2. Links from the quality sites, if your back link page contains 100 of outgoing links from the same page
      3. The most important one is anchor text, If you have created 100 of links on the same anchor, That means you are sending invitation to the penguin

Google Pengin Update Anchor Text

      1. If Most of the links are coming from the irrelevant to your own site
      2. Many back links from the same C-Class IP
      3. Back links from the low PR that is less than1


    1. Eliminate keyword stuffing and duplicate content issues from the website

The penguin penalty is not only confined to the external back links only but several other factors are also considered while considering for a penalty. The most important other factor is the keywords stuffing, so the time has arrived to check your on-page and  off-page issues and fix it as soon as possible.


SEO Is a War and Internet is the bloody battle field

I believe that the SEO is a war which is spread in all over the world, and who will survive no one knows but one thing is clear that “Survival of the fittest “ will always hold true whenever there is a competition that is SEO or the real life.

The time has arrived to be on toes, pull up your socks and jump in to the battle field of Internet, and your weapons are your own back links which you have created, it’s your support so keep only those weapons which help you in moving forward not backward, and throw the weapon which will hurt you or damage you. The decision is yours and the time has started.

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