Why SEO Is Just A Pretty Girl In A Bikini

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Well, I don’t know how many times I have said this, and I don’t know how many more times left till my mouth bleeds, that use the power of Social Media to extract benefits. I fail to understand why people still believe spamming can do them good. Hey Matt, your warnings are not scary enough, do something.

Social media is the quickest way to spread the news. How fast do you get your friends talking about your new photo on Facebook, if you are in a swimsuit and you are also happen to be a pretty and young woman? Very fast and almost unending comments, right?

pretty girl in a bikini

She can make anyone pause and turn, so can your content.

So, here is the point. Make sure your content is a pretty girl which means, it is beautifully written. Yes take the help of professional writers mate, no harm in that. Words come to few chaps better. Attractive content can weave magic.

Make sure she is young. This is a Google condition literally. They give preference to fresh contents over older ones. There may be exceptions, some old contents may show up but then Madonna still rules quite a few hearts, right? These old contents have achieved something extraordinary in their heydays and still reaping the benefit.  Not every content is going to do the same and so you need a young girl to catch the attraction.

Swimsuit? Well yes, swimsuit. It means there are enough things visible to get the reader attracted just like a swimsuit does for a pretty girl. The same girl will appeal less to you in an all covering Islamic borka than in a bikini. So, make sure there is enough gain for the readers by going through your content.

And the final step? Share it in your account. Make sure you have all your friends there, give a naughty title and post it, friends will flock in.  And talk about you. What more you want as an SEO than people talking about your content? Have an active account and share your content there, no matter where you have posted it. People will talk and Google will notice and you will receive the appreciation of your boss who never did it before.

BTW, if you don’t know who she is, ask Sean Connery, who I believe was the best Bond ever. Alternatively, you can also watch Dr NO.

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