Latest Google Update: Did PR Just Lose Its SEO Value?

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I don’t know why the SEO industry is hyper-crazy about hypes. But then from my long stint, I have learnt that this isn’t a great industry ethics-wise. Now there are so many things which affect this industry, unlike any other IT industry, they you can’t stay clean in the muddy water. “The latest Google update ” as it is being tagged.

Anyway, letting philosophy aside, we @ search eccentric have noticed a great tendency. The grapevine effect works very fast here. If someone named Matt Cutts says something, people will forget their own names and start with that. I can safely bet my poor bank balance that already there have been meetings among the top SEO guys of your company if you are in this industry. The reason? Matt Cutts said, PROBABLY the PR doesn’t exert much effect on the ranking too much.

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Stop Treating PR Like This.

This is not Google’s official comment, this isn’t something what Matt has said in a strict mode and still, people are interpreting this in innumerable ways. It has been understood in so many ways that probably matt will collect those and publish a SEO Jokes 2012 edition. Does that deter them from speculating? No way, how else can they be called ‘Gurus’ if they can’t read infinitely between the lines. My oh my, Matt’s comment doesn’t even make two lines, so probably they are reading above and below THE line.

Anyway, if you want to listen to a sane person then calm down. Press releases ideally take place when a company or a person wants to convey something important to the world through the media. No, your great Christmas party isn’t news for a Press release. If you have does or achieved something substantial then only bother to do it. Else just don’t. From my personal experience, I have seen how major news sources pick up when the press release contains‘news’. (Yes I have written filler contents myself and observed the keyword to remain static just because that content wasn’t ‘news’).

There are two quick tips on deciding a good press release.

  1. If you are an editor of a newspaper and the news comes to you, would you consider publishing it? If no, then don’t make it a PR, it is not going to work.
  2. Do not submit to sites which have no quality check. (Here is the bummer, most sites don’t have it, so choose one carefully.) Post in the sites where only chosen PRs are published. Why Ezine still matters? Because it has the strongest quality check.


And no, you read a great article by Faiz A Faiz and discussed it with your boss is not a good enough content for a press release.  Just saying, you know!

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