Five Reasons Why Your SEO Techniques Are Not Effective Anymore

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When you go on a website, no matter how attractive and alluring it seems, from the SEO point of view, it contains certain mistakes and pitfalls. Mostly, eCommerce websites play host to such pitfalls to corner in a prospective customer. However, today, these pitfalls are easily recognizable. More so, once recognized, you can easily avoid them for a more comfortable surfing time! Let’s have a look at the five common SEO techniques:

Dynamic URLs

To begin with, dynamic URLs are a typical symptom of most important administration frameworks. In essence, these URLs are dangerous in light of the fact that they give almost no essence about the web page itself. Primarily, URLs assume a critical part in web search tool rankings and ought to, in this way, be reworked to incorporate significant watchwords. The correct approach is to ensure that whatever CMS framework or database framework you are utilizing, you can execute streamlined and watchword rich URLs. This way, your SEO techniques  will improve steadily.

Flash Websites

Flash Websites and how it affects your site's performance

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Despite recent technological improvements, web crawler bugs experience issues indexing flash content adequately. Ideally, a solitary flash record that contains your whole website will restrict the possibility of chances you need to rank in the web index results. The key is to basically assemble your website in HTML format, including Flash components just for visual advancement. This will necessarily give you better results and rankings!

JavaScript Navigation

It has been observed that internet’s creepy crawlies experience considerable difficulties that relate to JavaScript. Site content that is available just by this type of route is not prone to be listed. Moreover, such connections don’t add to the site’s general connection prominence. Most JavaScript route can be supplanted with CSS (falling templates) or DHTML (dynamic HTML), so the solution is to get your software engineers to utilize these different systems.

Lack of Content

Lack of content ruins your Website value

It is an accepted fact that some applicable content needs to be on all pages. In a perfect world, every page ought to have in any event a few notices of your watchwords. On the off chance, that substance pieces are impossible inside of your format, you must guarantee that your level one and level two level pages use content based.


In the event that a sidetrack of a page is required and will be perpetual, utilize a changeless 301 server-side sidetrack. This not just focuses web search tools in the right heading, it exchanges the current connection value of the more established page to the more up to date one. Ordinarily, all different sorts of sidetracks ought to be maintained a strategic distance from. This incorporates 302, JavaScript sidetrack, and META refresh–all of these are huge no no!

These SEO pitfalls are detrimental to one’s eCommerce websites. If they are not altered or attended to, these websites will be avoided by the incoming traffic altogether!

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