5 Key Google AdWord Mistakes To Avoid Right Now

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In this era of cutting edge competition, every business owner looks for an opportunity to stand out in the race. What can be more better than using Google AdWords for driving traffic to your website? The trick is to properly manage the campaigns for getting the highest ROI.


Many a times businesses poorly manage the campaigns which can cost more. So, why not avoid the mistakes while dealing with Google AdWords. Here, we have jotted the most common errors that businesses commit in the niche of Google AdWords.


  1. Improper Grouping Of Keywords

This is the most common mistake that businesses make. Different target audience should be shown different set of ads for the obvious reason. AdWords is meant to create campaign ad groups to manage various kinds of campaigns. In each campaign there is the provision of breaking down the ads and the keywords into ad groups. But, most businesses make the mistake of piling up all the keywords into same ad group. This leads to everyone seeing the same ad. The more the ad copy matches the keywords, the more the audience will click on it.

Tip- You can use 15-20 keywords for one ad group


  1. Not knowing your competitor’s well

Before starting a business, one should know the competitors well. You should have a thorough knowledge of your competitors, the keywords they are using and the designs of their landing pages. Make a comparison of your ad campaigns with theirs and understand the gaps. Understand what changes you can make and put that into effect.

Tip- Scan your competitor’s ad copies and learn from it. Then apply it in your campaigns by adding up your own ideas.


  1. The mistake of not advertising your brands

Many businesses make the mistake of not bidding their brands as they assume that coming on top of the search engine results will get them good ROI always. There are other ways things happen which can put your competitors ahead of you in the race.

For example, if you refrain from advertising your brand, some other people will do. They will target your visitors. Though this is good in the organic term, yet your competitor can be ahead of you by advertising directly.

Tip- Sometimes bidding the highest for your own brand actually helps!


  1. Not testing the Ad position

Well, you are bound to pay more, if you do not test the optimal ad position. Without proper testing, you cannot be sure to know which ad position is the best for your business. Sometimes the first position works wonder whereas at times, the fourth or the fifth is really effective.

Tip- Test the position by bidding both lower and higher. For example, if Google suggests between $1 to 4 $, go for the former first. If you get the desired results with just $1 per click, you do not have to pay more.


  1. Not hiring a good internet marketing solution provider

Many businesses often try to take up the whole internet marketing on their own, which often results in poorly managed AdWords campaign. This is a costly option, so you should first of all hire a good and reputed internet marketing solution provider.

If you want to get the best out of your AdWords campaign, avoid the above mentioned mistakes. Hire the best agency and get the desired results at an affordable price.


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