5 Core Rules of Social Media Optimization

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tree-200795_960_720Social media platform is one of the most used and recognizable one, in today’s world. It has become an incredible way to reach new customers and to achieve digital marketing strategies. One of the top strategies followed by business houses to maximize their online reach is Social Media Optimization(SMO). SMO is all about optimizing a site so that it is easily linkable and more visible on media searches.

SMO is not similar to search engine optimization, although the end goal is same to drive traffic to your social media presence and building of brand. Marketers are usually familiar with SEO and not so much with SMO but SMO strategy, in many cases works closely with SEO strategy.

SMO is not about writing another blog post or just updating your status. It is basically the use of tactics to drive huge amount of traffic to your website through new channels and increasing the overall visibility of your business to establish your brand.

Take a look at the rules that guides us in creating an amazing and effective SMO strategy:



You must have heard of ‘Content is king” and it is right in every context of SMO. It is actually the very first step in social media optimization. Content is the driving force for social media as you can’t succeed without sharing a quality content. It is imperative that the content you are creating is portable in terms of video files or PDFs along with being lightweight. Users are always in a hurry and won’t shy away from clicking away from your content, if it won’t download or takes too long to load. Helping your content to travel is necessary, which you can achieve by submitting them to the relevant sites that will help in the travel process. It will even drive the links to your site.



This is one of the most important priority for websites. The content you have so created has no meaning if people aren’t sharing it. Many sites have a static content as they rarely change or update their content which doesn’t work in your favor. The social media profile of your company should display a fresh content that everyone can found interest in and enjoy to increase the linkability. You can make use of other ways too as in whitepapers, a long piece inclusive of tables and statistics or simply adding a blog.


Tagging, Bookmarking and Sharing

Suggesting appropriate tags on the tagging platform can help you in gaining traction on certain subjects. Make use of relevant tags, authoritative content, content features as in quick buttons and link suggestions to make the process of page tagging easier. Make sure that you are tagging your pages on the popular bookmarking sites and not just on homepages. But don’t limit your sharing to just tagging and bookmarking, make your sharable content one button easy for your users with minimal efforts.


Inbound Links

Whenever another website or blog links to your website, inbound link forms. It gives an indication that your readers value your content that has been a staple for many years in Google search rankings. You can encourage them by providing rewards and making it easy to use. Engagement is an important factor which comprises discussions, comments and sharing that needs to be encouraged and rewarded duly.



Mashup is where people take someone’s content and mixes it with their input. This has grown tremendously over the years. Don’t curb it! Allow and encourage your content use to expand your audience size and maximize your reach. This can even provide you with new uses for the same content.

Many other rules and techniques are starting to get around as the idea gets more effective and beneficial. SMO has the ability to improve your marketing approach to social media. To boost your results, make a strategic approach towards social media marketing.

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