5 Ways in which Mobile Marketing Outperform Web Marketing

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Initially mobile phones were obviously just for calling and texting people. But the scenario has changed in this modern era. It was 2012 when mobile become too big to ignore. A smartphone has become a very personal tool we use everyday to communicate. Almost everyone can relate to the creative uses of smartphones beyond their standard features.

stock-624712_960_720If you own a small business, you must have felt all the buzz about mobile marketing. For the past few years, there has been strong growth in this type of marketing and the trend will stay in the game for good.


Let’s discuss some of the benefits of mobile marketing that are breaking the stereotype about advertising strategies.


  • Instant user involvement

Majority of smartphone users have their device within arm’s reach 90% of the time. This means your marketing campaigns can be delivered to the intended audience like never before. So it become very easy to develop great mobile campaigns and execute. These messages are delivered to recipients within seconds.


  • Cost efficient

If  you still rely only on web marketing, your strategies may be on the chopping block. Mobile marketing is easier, cheaper and faster than traditional advertising in numerous ways. It is very easy to create these ads and execute them in a optimal way like never before. Advertising on facebook, snapchat and instagram are some of the best examples of mobile marketing.


  • Diversified audience

One of the best thing about mobile marketing is that you can reach different kind of people at once. Almost everyone rely on their smartphones for many day to day things. What marketers do is they provide relevant ads on mobile so that more and more users can get engaged with their campaigns.


  • Viral potential

The effortless mobile marketing increases the visibility of your content. Users can share content on mobile in a more compact way than on web.

Since the display size for ads is comparatively small in case of mobile phones, marketers need to create content that simple, basic and effective. This type of content  will obviously  go viral if it is relevant and helpful.


  • Effective response rate

Mobile marketing has become a  great tool to achieve better response rate as compared to that of web marketing. Mobile apps are the best example of using mobile marketing for engaging more and more users.  Everyone can relate to the fact that mobile apps have made our life much easier.

In this cut throat competition, no business can survive in the market without using aggressive marketing. Mobile marketing is breaking all the stereotype related to advertising industry. It is much easier to generate mobile ads. Reaching new potential customers was never easy until mobile marketing was introduced. Get in touch with us to know more about mobile marketing and other areas of marketing.

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