What are Some AdSense Alternatives?

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Many webmasters who generate ad revenue from their websites or blogs use AdSense, Google’s CTR-based advertising platform. However, many webmasters are looking for alternatives to AdSense for a variety of reasons. While some do not prefer to offer up personal information to data to Google, others simply want to avoid AdSense because they have a specific design in mind that does not work well with the impact of margined ads on their website. Fortunately, Google AdSense is not the only player on the block, and many savvy developers have found solutions for generating revenue outside of Google.

adsense alternatives

adsense alternatives

AdBriteAdBrite is one of the oldest competitors to AdSense, and as it has thus increased in popularity, it works under the same basic formula as its Google cousin. Approval for sign-up is required (but hardly difficult) and those who are familiar with AdSense will recognize that things work pretty much the same. With a few different ad-placement options that might be ideal for designers, it will also allow toggling between various payment options. As such, webmasters can receive checks more frequently with AdBrite.

Yahoo!/BingIn what was seen by many as an inevitable consequence to Google’s massive market share, the Yahoo-Bing network formed to offer a sizable alternative to AdSense. Publishers who use this platform will allow developers and publishers to customize advertisements by size, color, and shape so they integrate better with their website or blog. While public sign up is still closed, savvy publishers with substantial traffic originating from the US, Canada, or Europe can request an invitation through Media.net.

ChitikaAds through Chitka are driven by search query, which makes this service a viable alternative to AdSense. Because ads are driven by a search function, users on your website or blog will only see the ads if they venture to your domain via search engine. While the service is a definite alternative to Google’s technology, publisher reviews have noted that Chitika is still in need of some features. When Chitika got word of this, the service began to offer Silver Level and Gold Level ad programs for developers to see real results in terms of revenue generation.


KonteraKontera ads are double-underlined HTML links on keywords throughout your content that when hovered over or clicked by a user, reveals a small pop-up bubble that features an ad. While some designers do not like this option because it can temporarily cover up content or design, the ads are customizable for publishers to control the hyperlink color and destination. Those who utilize Kontera will be paid every time a user clicks on the ads that pop-up when clicked.


ClicksorThis service offers ad platforms that are similar in function to AdSense or Kontera, and offers a pay-per-click service through content ads, inline ads, or text banners. Publishers can also pick specific keywords that ads will target, their payout reviews have rated low among publishers. This might be a decent option for those with several, traffic-heavy blogs that can be quickly established by publishers who want to stay away from AdSense, and payments are divvied out through PayPal or check only at a rate of $5.00 per $50.00 in ad earnings.


InfolinksThis easy-to-install platform approves users very quickly. It requires publishers to copy and paste web code on their blogs and websites, and the service will begin to build the ads automatically. Infolinks is easy to customize to your design, and there is little to no slowdown in terms of site downloading. While payout is not very high ($2.5-4 RPM) and ad relevancy could use a little more work, Infolinks is a great alternative to AdSense for those who want to quickly begin generating revenue through their websites.


It is important for publishers to do their research before signing up with one of these services as embedding ads into their site can greatly impact their readership (and ultimately traffic rates). Many readers dislike being confronted with ads upon visiting a site, so it is important for those who wish to generate ad revenue to decrease the negative impact ads can bring to a blog or website.


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