6 Secret Recipe of Effective Video SEO

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Search Eccentric has launched the video SEO service as perhaps you know already. If not, please head over to our video SEO page to see the amazing features we are offering. We thought of sharing our secret recipe with you, (not completely but just a bit) how we easily do effective video SEO.

  1. Include Keywords in Video File Name: Google can read the video or not is a debatable issue but it reads the video file name for sure and till now we have noticed that the video names play a very important role. Thus we always insert keywords in video names and descriptions so Google can understand it better and categorise the video accordingly. It is a complete waste if your video carries a name like myfirstvideo.avi
  2. Enable Rating Sharing Tagging and Embedding: Enabling these features makes the video very social. If the video is good, obviously it will get good rating and people will also look for easy buttons to share it online. We always make these things available so viewers don’t go away without liking it or sharing it just because the buttons are unavailable. Moreover, placing a embed code near the video helps the tech savvy users to easily embed this video in their blogs, sites and other online profiles.
  3. Add Transcript: Adding a transcript or a subtitle file helps Google to understand what is being said and showed in the video. We always carefully add these as these strengthen the claims we make in the video heading. If Google sees that the keywords are being spoken here then obviously the video gets higher ranking.
  4. Use Thumbnails: Using thumbnails from different parts of the video makes the videos very attractive. It creates the chances of attracting more viewership and that is the goal of every video marketeer.
  5. Place As Video Response: This is one trick we often use. Placing a video response of any popular video means you get free traffic to your video as well. Whenever people come to see that video they see your thumbnail as well and with a catchy heading and a good thumbnail there is a huge chance that your video gets clicked.
  6. Youtube Promoted Videos: This is the paid option which you can afford for little extra money. This is actually the video version of PPC where Google Youtube promotes your videos for specific keywords and charges only when someone clicks and views it. Thus, often it has been called as PPV or Pay Per View. Our highly targeted campaigns show your video only when very effective keywords are searched for and thus increase your ROI.


Why will you still need Search Eccentric if this is all? Because it is not all, how do you even think we will give up all our trade secrets! 😀

Secondly, we all know the rules of football/soccer, right? But still there are only a few Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo. So only knowing the rules isn’t sufficient, we need expertise in executing those as well. We need years of practice and hard work and experience to finetune the skills as well as the execution.

Hire our dedicated video SEO services to get wonderful result for your videos which you have built spending money, effort and time. Best of luck on this campaign.

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