Can Google+ Ever Dominate Facebook in Future?

In Google Update

There’s no doubt on negative criticism that Google+ generated in its over one year span. However, the criticism seems to have not deterred the leading social media giant to attain its goal today. Despite a variety of allegations thrown at Google+ leading to its failure, Google+ has emerged as a phenomenal winner recently. Let’s review its features that despite so much alleged censures led to its success.

Unarguably simplicity of Google+ was its main forte in the success. Its qualitative cleaner experience is still the most remarkable. I however feel other social media giants to be more of cluttered and busy to pay attention to basic requirements of common people.

Secondly, the convenience of Google+ is its unmatchable impression imposed on global users. The success of Google+ has again proven “convenience” to be of integral value that shouldn’t be neglected at all. But still the question is why should we ever consider using Google+ amid other popular social media giants that despite random flaws have wooed global generation?

Being practical I believe any social media platform that can offer integrated experience of both simplicity and convenience will naturally be considered as the option. By integrated experience I mean experience from search to social, from m-commerce to mobile.

I won’t deny the fact that Facebook is still the most dominant of all but still with its kind of pace, Google+ will surely find a place in hearts of users like me who still are practical in approach and prefer a quality experience over anything else on social media platforms.

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