Study Revels Clicks on Paid Google Ads Are Double Natural Clicks

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According to the analysis revealed by Wordstream, the clicks on paid search scheduling on Google were approximately double the natural number of clicks. This will happen only on “high commercial intent” keywords. A support research conducted the software company present figures showing 64.6% of clicks on SERPs for profitable searches, whereas, natural clicks only accounted for 35.4%.

Wordstream described “high commercial intent” by own standards of Google that comprise of keyword searches which generate Google Product Listing ad or Google Shopping box. The company puts light on the data collected across about thousand accounts of AdWords over last 60 days and other addition information from various accounts to conclude its entire research. It further suggests that high rates of clicks on paid Google ads for commercial searches allow Google to continue adding new products to Google ads. Further, Google keeps coming with new types of ads like click-to-call, site links, product listing ads, social extensions, bottom of page ads and local extensions.

On the contrary, acquiring clicks on natural listings for these commercial searches is now becoming tougher. It may lead to the huge battle of search on web spam “Google’s War on ‘Free’ Clicks.” The major factors behind this according to the research can be Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. Also, Google’s preservation of referrer data when users are logged into Google as they search can also be another factor.

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