Google will Downgrade Pirate Websites in SERPs

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Search Giant Google announced that he is going to alter its search result page (SERPs) to de-emphasize the websites who are involved in repeat copyright offense. This effort will make it much easier to find legitimate providers of music, movies & other content.

By search giant Google’s this move foreign websites that promote piracy will be permanently get shutdown. Also it will give more power to government & content creators to kill legislation.  The Motion Picture Association of America has welcome Google’s this decision move and said “We will be watching this development closely”.

Google basically ranks websites based on how many other sites link to that one website, according to this concept whichever website gets more links will be more trustworthy & useful. Google regularly tests& implements little but important tweaks in its ranking algorithms to reflect special circumstances.

In this case, Google is going to start using “valid copyright removal notices” to rank its results in SERPs. In this case, websites having high numbers of copyright–removal notices possibly gets downgraded in in Google’s natural search rankings. This effort will help users to find most legitimate sources of content (movies, music etc) without removing any of pages from its results completely.

So, is it really helps users? Or it is Google’s game to get it in other direction for their own hidden purpose? Guys what you think…share comments with us if any.


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