Please Say No To Umbrella Content

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Since Google updated, and every online marketing ‘Guru’ started tipping, all the SEO companies are now providing ‘unique content’. I also covered it a bit earlier in a previous blog myself. In fact, I was so happy with the success of that blog that I adopted a ‘Guru’ tone myself and wrote about the art of content writing and even followed it up with a sequel.

I am often asked one question, why can’t we have one ‘umbrella’ content? I mean, one long tell-all article which answers all the questions about us and our services. I strongly decline this idea and the reason isn’t my laziness to compose long articles. Let me point out why I decline it.

Umbrella Content

  1. Excessive length: Who is going to read 26 pages if they need one particular info which can take a paragraph at most? Are you? Am I? I guess no. This is why we must create objective contents. Something which is to the point and direct. Don’t beat around the bush mate, deliver what brought the surfer here.
  2. Diluted effect: The best orators of this world are really meager when it comes to spending words. It is easy to speak a lot and mean next to nothing. Or even you might have some gems but they are hidden deep inside the garbage which you have produced. So, publishing one-size-fits-all contents is not really going to help you. It might bring some visitors to your site but it is certainly not going to help you in converting those leads into sales.
  3. Diluted perception: Well, this is something which you should consider as well. When you have just one content, it somehow tells of your inefficiency to produce quality content periodically. This period is important, mind it. Google says “FRESH unique content” which means when other contents are fresher they get more leverage from their freshness than your old article.


May we safely conclude now that it is better to have objective contents which are useful and fresh than to have one big daddy of all contents? I guess yes, and that was my sole purpose behind this blog.  More on content management, soon amigos!!

Cheerio and Merry Xmas!!

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