Facebook Conducts Tests To Introduce ‘Sponsored Results’ On Its Search Bar

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Facebook confirms the on-going tests for one of its new features called Sponsored Results, which are basically a new form of ads. If introduced, this feature will promote the appearing of word-alike Sponsored Results (ads), along with the organic results on the search type head of Facebook. However, these ads will appear on the search type head only and not on the search results.

Facebook Conducts Tests

If bought into application, then this new feature will take Facebook a step ahead as a fully-owned platform for search ads. These ads will be on a cost-per-click basis.

Till now, no fixed date has been announced for launching these ads among larger audience. Facebook’s spokesperson cited that by promoting sponsored results; they are trying to provide Facebook users more of their interested apps and pages. Further, Sponsored Results will appeal direct marketers, who sell online products or games to gain traction.

The concept of Sponsored Results is built on the fundamental of advertising to people, who are willing to buy. Usually ads appear on the side bar of a Facebook page, but these often fail to get a click as the user may not be interested on those products at all. But, when the user types something on the search bar that means he/she is intentionally looking for that thing; hence, flashing of a related ad (sponsored result) on the search bar will more likely lure the user to click it.

Sponsored Results are not keywords; hence advertiser can’t target broad categories like that in Google search bar. To rank high on Sponsored results, advertiser will need to more distinctively target a specific entity on Facebook. For instance, if a new company is promoting a game called CityVille, then it can use a sponsor ad; because Zynga’s CityVille is a known Facebook entity, and whenever a user will search for CityVille the sponsor ads related to CityVille will also appear on the search type head.

None the less, foreseeing as a tool of trading in the world of digital marketing, Sponsor ads are also speculated regarding its impact on the relevance of Facebook’s search results.

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