Google Instant Previews became the scapegoat as they want to highlight their ads

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Google Instant Previews are erased as a result of low usage. Presently Google has supplemental drop down to look at cached or similar results. Google Instant Previews used to offer a sneak peek of a web site by drifting over a straightforward microscopic icon.

Whenever Google makes some emendations or removes any options, it upsets users. As a result there are few people who don’t seem to be pleased with this transformation. With this emendation Google has modified the method however you access the “cached” page and the way you share the results.
Cached or similar results

A Google spokesperson said:”We’re constantly making changes to the layout and features of the search results page.”This comment confirms that Google instant previews will be no longer available from now.

Instant Preview is maybe not an enormous hit, provided that Google wouldn’t contemplate removing it if it was a popular one. It did hide a trifle of helpful practicality besides the previews.

In addition Instant Preview was the only option available to search for Google’s cached version of any given page. However, you will still find these features in the newer version but you can access it through the drop-down menu which is right next to the main link.

It is still not clear if Google has really removed this feature permanently by replacing it with a drop down menu or it is just a test. The reason that inspired Google for this change could be that their ads were hiding on the right side of the search and people were losing focus on the ads which were there.

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