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Do a few people handle the same account in your company? Is there often an uproar like “who on earth changed these settings?” because there was no way to know who is bringing in which change?

Well, especially after a drop in SEO ranking, these are inevitable signs at every company. Worry not, for Google has introduced a new feature in the Google Analytics and it is called “Change History”.

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Not only this feature will tell you who changed what but also will tell you date, time and the exact changes which were made. You can know all the changes made with all the abovementioned data (in Date, Email & Activity columns). The catch is, this data is only visible to the administrative task group members.

No more playing the guessing game (or worse, the blame game) as all you need to do is to

  1. Click the Admin tab on any Analytics page.
  2. In the breadcrumb at the top, click the link for the account
  3. On the account page, click the Change History tab.

This change can be noticed if you use Google Adwords to manage your online campaigns too.

We say, this is a very good move as this eliminates the quarrel of who changed what settings, which can lead to office blame game.

For those companies, who are mature enough not to play blame games, will benefit from this move as well.

Firstly, this move will let them analyse which move brought forward which effect. And it will be easy to sort the bad moves away from the good moves.

Secondly, this will help the data analysis as well. We can easily check the empirical changes which takes place after each move so we can now specifically use figures when to talk about or decide about the effects any change did or can do.

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