Google Panda 2.5 Update is here

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The hottest news in the world of IT is that the mother of all search engines, Google, has finally released their much-awaited Google Panda 2.5. Google Panda happens to be the search algorithm used by Google to improve internet search results. Though there has been much confusion regarding the release of this update, which resulted in a lot of companies and individuals going thorough serious amounts of stress regarding the nature of the update, details are still not fully out. Google in a very crafty manner has not yet revealed any details but has only confirmed the release of their latest update of the Panda algorithm that is live, and as records suggests, is the much awaited 2.5 update. When Google was asked to reveal the effects and consequences of this new algorithm on various websites, web pages and other content, it again refused to mention any details. Google however did mention that this new update is only a result of Google’s promise and commitment of delivering to its users the best possible, high quality results that they expect from Google. It is only one of the 500 changes Google makes in a year in an effort to improve their ranking algorithm and highlight their superiority. The new update is said to craft out an algorithm that is used to filter out inferior, duplicate, fake and lifeless content. Some content farming companies like ezinearticles, associatedcontent, and e-how, to name a few have already been damaged by this new update due to their inferior content. For a long while publishers and website owners had been manipulating a few loopholes in the algorithm and exploiting it to their advantage and generating rankings which were abused. This new update has incorporated changes not only to get rid of all these loopholes and related abuse but also has given more power and direct control to the users, rather than content publishers. So it is time to wait and watch how the market reacts and what impact it makes. Time will definitely tell who will benefit from the new algorithm, and who will be hit hard by this update. All in all it’s definitely another great move for the larger good by the biggest watchdog on the internet, Google.

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