Google Panda 3.3 Update: Influencing SEO Tactic Once Again

In Google Panda update

Google Panda has updated and introduce its new version 3.3 with some major twist for the SEO’s. This new version has added on to the algorithm adopted by Google for website’s ranking on its search result page.

Before the change in Google Panda, websites, which are stuffed with keywords irrespective of the content quality hold top position on the Google result page. Whereas, websites with informative content and poor keywords stuffing hold a low position on the search page of Google.

A drastic change can be noticed in this practice with the introduction of a new version of Google Panda. It worked as a helping aid for those who do not want to compromise with the quality of the content of their websites for the sake of high Google ranking. Websites with user-friendly and unique content will now see an unexpected increase in the ranking of their website leaving behind the shiny websites that are overloaded with lots of keywords and sloppy content. Such glittery websites will need to pay huge amount of fines for not producing content instrumental for the visitors.


Favorable Scope For Local Business

Panda 3.3 will have a feature wherein users will automatically get results of the query according to their location. If you are based in Delhi and want to know about the best restaurants, then your result will automatically show the all famous restaurants in Delhi. This new feature will turn as a big favor to all local businesses.


Informative Alternative Tags For The Images

Panda 3.3 will look at the alternative texts used with the pictures on the websites. Therefore, all the images in your website must have a descriptive and informative tags. Alternative text written without offering any information about the image will lower your website Google ranking.    


Special Care For The Number of Links Exchanged Needs to be Taken

Panda 3.3 will keep an eye on the number of links exchanged in your site. If your whole page is full of links, then it will result in spamming of the page. So, all those sites having various links on a single page will witness a down in their  Google ranking.

At the end, if you expect higher ranking position of your website on the Google then you need to shake hands with Panda 3.3 instead of old SEO tactics.

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