Google Celebrates Its First Anniversary during I/O Conference

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Google+ celebrated its first anniversary on June 29th, 2012 amid sparkle and speculations alike. During Google’s I/O conference, Google+ representatives announced over 250 million users worldwide out of which 150 million users are monthly active while 50% of them sign in every day for an hour.

Started as one of the toughest contenders against Facebook last year, this very day, Google+ has successfully achieved a lot appreciable through the year. More importantly, it’s good at innovation while implementation has moderately been an ambition. Let’s have a quick look at Google+’s achievement and what made it such a tough contender to Facebook.

Hangout is a remarkable Google+ tool which is now available with an upgraded version as a part of Google+ application for the tablet. It’s a smart and clear application.

Google+ is another appreciable feature available that allows users to send animated, photographic invitees.

Party Mode distinctively allows all users to automatically capture and catalog photos and videos during an event. Google+ users can have easy access to Party Mode on their cell phones. An excellent feature, it does have vulnerability to go wrong in many ways. If people will forget to turn the feature off on the indicator tool bar right before removing non-event photos. Then people with gross preferences will upload anything to your morning horrors. In fact, it requires administration restriction authorities which will allow a host to restrict unwanted features. Besides, Party Mode has potential to be proven as a leading marketing tool.

One year past, Google+ surely has achieved a lot appreciable in the terrain dominated by Facebook. Weak popularity of Google+ among people is still unbelievable though.

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