Google Santa Tracker-Best way to wish your loved ones this Xmas

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Its Christmas time and Google is not missing the occasion at all. Today we were amused when we opened the Google Santa Tracker. This page is very cute and personal way to send messages to your near and dear ones this Xmas.

It’s not the first time Google did this. Each year, for every major occasion they come up with something. This year, they have come up with the page which is very interactive. You need to answer a few questions to get a personalized call to any North American number. (Yes that’s the sad part of it, the calls are limited only to USA numbers). You can alternatively send emails and SMS for the rest of the world friends, colleagues, lovers and clients. You can personalize this in many ways and tweak it. Even you can give names to your peers like punk, hipster or geek.

Google Santa Tracker

Nice Google Gesture ©


(Frankly, I don’t understand why the calls can’t go to any number as Google already has the infrastructure. I have dual verification turned on and I receive a call from the Google with my secret code every time I try to open it.)


After opening the page, you can travel through the whole village. Made in 2D, this is a fun thing. You can check the factory, the gift shop, the Santa Call facility and other fun things. Very pleasant for kids, we decided to use this for our close clients as well. What better than to receive a call unexpectedly, wishing you on the happiest day of the year?  You can also play a game where you need to guide Santa on a sledge collecting all the goodies on its way. And then you can go on a present collection expedition as well.


Made completely using  HTML5 and JavaScript, it’s a mix theme of Google and Christmas. Symbols of popular Google products are displayed prominently while giving it a look of a village covered in snow and Christmas articles. Overall, this is a very pleasant gesture from Google, making me loving it more.


Our suggestion? Use it one anyone you want, you will only be bringing a smile on their faces.  Hurry! Because it will be gone on 25th December.


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