Google News gets a facelift for tablets (including iPad)

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After re-introducing Google Maps for Crapple Apple, Google is doing another favour. They are changing the layout of Google News to suit Apple iPad better. (Hush hush, their main target is the android tablet market, iPad is having a great market share and so they will do a passing favour and brag about it.) Don’t forget they have a hugely popular Nexus series of their own.

The look is quite refreshing, as I checked on a borrowed iPad 2. Not that I use Google news much nor have I ever used an iPad but I have obviously seen screenshots and this new look is way better. Lots of space and much less clutter. The swiping is good too. Horizontal swiping leads you to different sections and there is this excellent “explore in depth” option which brings you more stories on same topic. Being an intermittent news reader, this really helps me to make head and tails of many stories!!


Google News iPad

The New Look is Quite refreshing!!

I have been termed a cynic when I am in my most positive mood so here is my question.  Remember, we talked about the tussle between Google and publishers? If the publishers really pull out, Google will have real little news left. There is an old saying, “add much chilly if you are a bad cook” which means people will just complain about the heat, not bad cooking. Much like “the chilly was too much else Faiz had cooked well”

With little news left, Google News needs to have other avenues to attract clients and this improvement is a proactive measure to strengthen their grip on it.  And the eternal target to sell more (tablets) is always there.

Let us know how badly we treated Google, in the comments!!

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