Google AdWords Launches Ability to Share Budgets across Campaigns

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Google AdWords has launched a new Shared Budgets feature, which will help marketers to fix maximum daily budget throughout multiple campaigns. This exclusive feature will allow advertisers to fix a single daily budget shared by multiple campaigns, within one account. The main objective behind this launch is that a marketer may have set a fixed daily budget to spend throughout multiple channels or product lines and this feature will allow them to intuitively reallocate that budget if one campaign falls short on volume.

Google AdWords


It is a small development, but one that should help users to allocate budget more effectively when one campaign performs better than expected. This feature works by taking the maximum daily budget and dividing it as required, as announced by Google. For example, a marketer with a maximum daily budget of $200 and running four different campaigns would himself need to decide how much amount to allocate to every campaign.

If one campaign does well on any given day and there was budget available in another, then it would be a missed opportunity to make the most out of it on the better-performing campaigns. Google AdWords will now allocate more budget for the campaign that requires it, because all campaigns running together will not go over the daily budget.

Vidya Iyer from Ads Engineering explained, “Using shared budgets allows automatic adjustments across campaigns, so you don’t have to constantly monitor and change individual campaign budgets throughout the day,” Further, Iyer wrote on the Inside AdWords blog, “Shared budgets can make it easier to match your AdWords spending with how your business allocates marketing budget and they can save you time and improve your AdWords results.”

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