Subdomains the Saviour for your website from a Panda Hit

In Google Panda update

Google’s panda Algorithm is known as a site-wide, or domain specific penalty. But few years back Google helpfully advised webmasters whose website were penalized by panda algorithm. It advised that they should move their low-quality content to a new domain or remove the content completely. This on the other hand shows that Google is treating subdomains as separate domains. So moving the low quality content from your main to sub-domain is always a smart idea because Google treats them as separate domain.

google panda hit

What does the term Subdomain refer to?

Subdomain is nothing but a part of your main domain. Anyway, the search engine treats subdomains as a separate domain, just like as a subfolder. You can imagine the domain name structure as like a tree structure. While your primary domain name occupies on node of that hierarchy, then a subdomain is a part of that hierarchy. Suppose you have registered an SEO website in domain name, then the example of a subdomain would be ‘’ and ‘

Benefits of Using Subdomain:


Multiple Websites:

As Google considers subdomain as a separate website, so it gives different pagerank to a different website. Page rank is nothing but a measurement of the importance of each page of your website.


It helps to get more Quality Links:

Google takes an account of your linking structure as a ranking factor which includes internal linking as well as external linking. As you have multiple website in the form of subdomain, then you would get a chance to cross-link the site to help each domain to get a better ranking in Google.


You can Dominate Search Results by Domain and Subdomain:

As Google considers each subdomain as a different domain, your website has more chance to show up multiple times in search result. So you can easily outrank your competitor for most of the search queries.

Just take an example, you have decided to start a new blog about Football to share news and information about Football matches. Then what will be your blog structure. Then you most probably have three option, you can place it as part of your main website or you can create a subdomain for it or separate domain.

Then the url structure will look like this



Separate Domain:

Previously, most of the search marketer could not have not chosen to go with the first option that means creating a blog within the site. As because there was no chance to get more than two listings on the same page. But going for second or third option, means creating the blog either with a subdomain or separate domain which will be treated by Google as a different domain. By doing so, it will open door to get third or even more listing on the page. Presently, page from multiple subdomain have a much higher chance to get better ranking in Google.


It Helps to Keep the File Separated:

It also makes the job easier for webmaster because subdomain help to keep the file separated. If website is maintained by one man or women then maybe, it is not required, in such case you can use sub-directories which works just as well. But when it comes to managing a larger website it works very well. They can keep each department and email associated with them separated by using subdomain.



Lastly, if you are organizing your plan to use a subdomain, then keep in mind that proper use of subdomain will help you re-schedule, promote and avoid Panda algorithm penalty effectively. As it is very easy to set-up and manage add-on domain, and subdirectories from your domain hosting account. If you are finding it hard to create a subdomain then please free to contact with your web hosting provider before proceeding.


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