Use Rich Ads In Search In Bing For Better Conversion

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If you have a branded or trademarked campaign, you can use the Rich Ads In Search (RAIS) ads on Bing and Yahoo. You can use different combinations of site links with an image of 80*60 resolutions. Generally, it is advised that you use your logo for easy brand recognition.

Rich Ads In Search

RAIS ads verse two purposes equally well. You can easily use them for branding and also can enjoy benefits like direct response and channel users where you want them to go by using the appropriate site links. When RAIS is compared against the standard branded campaigns, in Bing, on click-through rates, conversion rates and conversion ratios, the results are simply stunning.

In every account, where we compared, the click-through rate, the conversion ratio and the conversion rates were much higher when RAIS was used. The cost per conversion became lower as well.
Not everyone can access RAIS yet, we guess that Bing is still testing its popularity and acceptance, but when a search result shows RAIS in results, the five RAIS gets 25% of all the clicks on that search engine result page. The CPC is just a bit higher than normal branded campaigns for RAIS, but the huge benefits compensate for that many times over.

Rich Ads In Search

But then, it follows logic. Firstly, an image is always welcome in that cluster of texts and it never fails to catch the attention. Moreover, it give you valuable on-page real estate which is not easy to capture otherwise. The benefit of brand recognition is also to consider if you are using logo in that space. It also makes the users confident that they are dealing with the official site and they will be happily clicking on your link. Thus, it is always very useful for branded campaigns and because sometimes third parties bid higher and gets a better spot than the branded company.

Simply said, RAIS will make your customers more confident, especially the loyal customers and also forwards your brand to more viewers. That is in direct ratio with the clicks you earn and the increment is obvious. If you are in the retail industry, this is very useful, especially during the holiday session when the searches are often for online purchase. The clients might not buy always but seeing your logo over and over, they will be familiarised with your logo and which will significantly improve your chances of getting the deal when they finally go for the deal.

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