Google News Brings Happy News to Web-journalists

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Google news has one very good news for creative web journalists. Now you can use those meta tags for your articles which needn’t appear on the article or the heading.

Google News


Explaining the move, Google said, search engine spiders often fail to understand the nuances of human language and is prone to mistreat a good article. I wrote an article about the ongoing tussle between Apple and Google and removal of Google map from iOS 6 and the consequences here. I named it “Unending Feud Between Giants- Google and Apple” without mentioning the brawl over the MAP and Youtube.

If Google uses the older algorithm, I can not use a meta tag about the map because it didn’t come in the title.  Now, after this update, I can use any rational meta tag, which Google termed as news_keywords, which describes my article best and Google spider will tag and categorize accordingly. This move, will help the creative writer to maintain creativity and still make sense to to Google.

No more throwing away your creativity to just to please The Google Bot!! And the icing on the cake is, these tags will not be visible to users so none will know what you told the spider.

For a detailed discussion on this issue, check this.

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